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"He means you, too, G-ma"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I made a bed today!

I made my bed today.

That is pretty impressive in two ways. One I used to make my niece do it when she was 5... she thought it was riot! Now I just make her clean the litter boxes.

The second way is that what I'm really referring to is building a head and foot board for my king size mattress.   Back before I was completely grown up (about 3 years ago), I slept on a futon... for about 12 years. IT WAS A NICE ONE! really. it was.

The Point being, it had 'arms' that held all the bedding in. When I graduated to an adult mattress, I was flummoxed as to how to keep the dang bedspread from sliding off the end of the bed at night.  I got a dog and made her sleep on top of the bedspread to hold it down.   That worked pretty well... the cat moved around too much.

As I lay there at night,  I started to dream of bed frames. I had looked at the stores, but to no avail. They never had a King size one in stock, and though you could order one, they were usually $500 or more. Mostly more. I decided I wanted to make on from an old door. I had watched enough HGTV to know that if those yahoos on Design Star could do it... so could I!

Then we got rid of cable and started exclusively watching PBS (not 100% true, but close).  Doctor Who is awesome, but not really a interior design inspiration (except the looking bigger on the inside, part).  Then along came Pinterest and I was agog with ideas again. After trying some Pinterest disasters in the kitchen, I scaled back my expectations and reigned in my HGTV Yahoo ego. I asked my dad for help.

This summer my parents called me from a garage sale with one word: Doors.  I gathered my sister for design discussion and we went to take a look. They were not the doors I was I looking for.  HOWEVER, they were pretty cool. They were bifold sliding doors, solid wood. One set narrow (broom closet) and another set wide (bedroom closet). They had dark stain and were in good condition. $15.

My dad and I talked over breakfast and furiously drew on napkins. He schooled me a few times, and I insisted it would be fine on a few others. I bought extra parts and screws and brought the doors to my room where I discovered... the stain matched my other furniture perfectly. Not only that, the doors were the exact length needed for the width of the bed. This was going to be easy.

And it was! We put it together this weekend and the whole ensemble put me back a measly $50!
King size foot and head boards out of bi-fold doors... 
It was hard to get both the foot and the head board and show how much it matched my desk and dresser in one shot, but you get the idea.

Check one more thing off my list of things I said I was going to do and no one thought I really would.