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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Culinary Gods Have Blessed Us Once Again

Howktown approves of vegetables!

As you can see here, the Czarina of Saarisburg is wafting the aroma of Stuffed Zucchini which she consumed at "The Best Restaurant I've Ever Been To (according to Kylie)". There was also salad and beets included with this scrumptious meal, but I will leave it to her to describe it to you, as I was blessed with the opportunity to eat my favorite of foods... Tacos.

I unfortunately did not get the other picture taken with my phone saved to disc, so there will be no more visual aides for you! You will just have to imagine Moroccan Mojitos, Lemon Thyme Martinis, and Mahi Mahi Tacos. Did I mention the Beet and Chevre Raviolis? No? Lamb Burger? Walnut Pate'? Well, I leave you to drool over the mere idea of these scrumptious plates while I reminisce about dessert.

Oh, Flourless Chocolate Cake, remember how you sat on the carmel drizzled plate with blueberry sorbet atop your decadent, rich, mouth watering, slice of heaven? You were only a half inch thick, but each centimeter was dense, gooey, perfection. Only a small forkful was enough for all four sets of eyes of the tasters to roll back into their heads and wonder what they needed husbands for anyway. Then.. then the sweet, cold, bursting blueberry sorbet dribbled into our mouths and surrounded the chocolate cloud; bringing us one step closer to the pearly gates. This was not the food of the devil, for we each looked at each other knowing we wanted it all to ourselves, but to deny it from each other would be cruel, cruel torture. We opened our hearts and plates and made sure that each one of us was granted 'one more bite'. We forgot about that other dessert on that 'other' plate. The other desert that could hold no comparison and would just as likely be found on the menu at Applebees.. adequate, but never the divine concoction that currently graced our presence. I remember you Flourless Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Sorbet. I think of you every day since we met.

Whew. ::wiping tear from the corner of my eye:: That was such a great dessert. I suggest you find a way to procure yourself some. Just head on over to Spoon River Restaurant in Minneapolis, fools!

And eat your vegetables!

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  1. I love it! Darn it... Now I'm hungry. Where did I hide the chocolate?