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Friday, July 31, 2009

Howktown approves of Camping?

Isn't my fashion sense tré chíc! Nobody made fun of me at all!

My dears, it is quite true. Howktown does approve of camping. As long as there is no fashion requirement, and air mattresses are allowed. Who cares if I'm wearing toeless knee high socks, capri pants, slippers, and a sun hat! It was the perfect outfit for the day. It is true that every kid and adult gave me serious once over to make sure I wasn't 'special' or to wolf whistle mockingly at me... I took it like an adult. By which I mean, I planned a confrontational argument with each one of them, called a couple a bunch of punks, and then dove into my bag of popcorn and raspberry marshmallows.

Howktown also approves of bon fires and tending the coals. I wouldn't quite say that I'm a pyro -maniac, I keep it to reasonable levels. So we only had to light the fire twice due to the expertise of myself and my sister Sara (the mayor of Ingvaldia).

Of course you can eat sushi camping!

Howktown also approves of not conforming to camping food to make life more interesting. Moroccan Sweet Potatoes over Quinoa, Spinach Fritatas, and 4 Alarm 5 Bean No Meat Chili where on the posted weekend menu. We also added California Rolls, Smoked Paprika Popcorn, Handmade Raspberry Marshmallows, Sunflower seeds, and Captain Morgan to the mix. No hotdogs in the bunch!

Did I mention the tent had a 'skylight' that left the view of the starry night open to us as we slumbered peacefully in the perfect July weather?

When the dice rolls like it did last weekend, of course we approve of camping. Not to mention I had the company of my cohorts Sara and Kylie. Who needs a therapist when you have sisters, a campfire, and a little Capt'n in ya?

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