Stop Touching Things

"Miss! you can't touch the artwork..."
"He means you, too, G-ma"

Friday, April 30, 2010

Amy's weekend with Aunt Sara

April 2010
Supper: spaghetti and a lesson on making rubbings.

Morning hair, breakfast pizza, and a "good morning" call home.

A little morning worm hunting with Grandma and Aunt Sara.

Taking Aunt Sara's Godbaby Kate to her first garage sales.

Good Thing I cleaned out the trunk.

A nice dinner to round out the day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's with this wind anyway?

Every year we attempt it. Be it Easter or Mother's Day, if it's not raining, we go out and try to fly a kite.

The Queen Mother of Howktown loves flying kites. She goes to kite flying festivals. To her it is... well I don't actually know precisely what it is to her, I'll have to ask her next year. I just know that she loves it.

I think this year, she thought she might be out of luck. We didn't have a big holiday get together, the grand kids weren't there, and it didn't look like there was going to be much wind (a shock for this area).

Never fear, mother! For though I may be a lazy child, I am not ungrateful! I will help you fly your kite!

Our attempts nearly failed to the point my mother would shake her head and start to walk back home!

"Nay!" I say " I will get this cloth in the air! Let me just adjust... er Re-tie, Yes! That should do it" I did that about four times.

But, by golly, we got it up.

Happy Spring, Mother.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Morning Views

Originally uploaded by Higgety

I see this on sunny mornings in Howktown. It makes me happy. Also, it reminds me of countless still lifes that I had to study/draw in art school.

Always I would wonder what stirred the artist to want to draw a tube of lipstick or a pear. When I see this in the morning, I get it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nun Yums, Yum nuns, or Onions

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I lovva me onions.

Also, I took this picture at the Mpls farmer's market and just looking at it is making me crave veggies and summer.

Howktown plans on using more photos on this blog. Actually, we plan on re-instating photography as the national hobby... seeing as it used be our occupation, but kind of was set aside and ignored while we pursued other business. It's a shame really, cause taking photos is fun. Plus everyone seems to be doing it these days, so I better get back at it so I can say things like. "I was annoying wait staff with my photography while you were still watching Melrose Place... er the Original one!"

Or something.

Anyway. Hope you like my onions. I sure do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Now that I'm a millionaire...

It turns out that the humanitarian efforts put forth by Howktown have not gone unnoticed.  My concentrated effort to make sure that chocolate is recognized as SUPER. My new "Chocolate and French Fry" diet plan for depression. My reliance on STREET SMARTS, because history is just DUMB... it has paid off... FINIALLY!

I didn't even see this coming, but this morning I got the email.

Sheikh Mahmoud Alzammar made you a beneficiary in his WILL. He left the sum of Three Million, and twenty-five thousand British Pounds (£3, 025, 000) to you in the Codicil and last testament to his WILL. According to him, this money is to support your humanitarian/ medical help/ orphanage activities and to help the poor and the needy in our society.
I knew it! The Sheikh and  I go way back. Yeah back when Dave (that's what I call him for short) were hangin' on the outskirts of the Emmerites talking about what we'd like seen changed in the world, he really identified with my western sense of French Fry importance. I'm really not surprised that he remembered me, but to this extent.. I'm flabbergasted.

I decided I should probably get some better plates to eat my fries and chocolate on, so I started spending the inheritance already. I'm sure once my check clears for transaction fees of $200,000 (a small fee considering the 3M I'm  getting in return) I'll start seeing the checks rolling in and these plates will be covering my dinning room table.

I've just got this one for now... but rest assured. It's getting all presidential here in Howktown.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The man who lives in Ingvaldia has many handles:

uncle burrito
uncle bee-due
uncle bandito

bee-due (by me)

the latest and greatest:

funkle bee-due.

Friday, April 2, 2010

the infamous SPAM cookoff.

straight from Ingvaldia.

I am laying on my side, my top leg at an angle, my arms all tangle in wierd configurations.I look over and say, "oh hey, I haven't seen you in a while""Hey, How are you! Any plans for your spam campout this year", the response."oh!", says the deep voice from above, "take a deep breath in now, and ouuuut." craaack. "that's a good one. So you're the one with the spam and camping?!

"Yes, Hulking Riley the chiropractic intern, I am the one.
and Yes, Dr. Brad, there are plans for this year.