Stop Touching Things

"Miss! you can't touch the artwork..."
"He means you, too, G-ma"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Case of The Missing Pants (Conference of Awesome Part 2)

Did I mention that I got up at 5am, donned my walk/running clothes and jumped into the car and sped down the road on my way to fantastic weekend with my sisters??? I think I may have remembered that part... how about the part where I forgot my suitcase with all my clothes? Oh, and I was on a schedule because I had to be at Sara's by 7:30am at the latest?

I had just enough time to to turn back grab my suitcase and head out again, and then as I was barreling down the road listening to Pomplamoose and Michael Jackson it occurred to me, that maybe, just maybe I had forgotten my pants. 

I wasn't sure.

I remember taking my jeans out of the suitcase because I noticed they were dirty, but I didn't remember putting a clean pair in.  Well, too late now... it would have to be a pants free weekend. After the 5K we were planning on lounging around the hotel... swimming, frequenting the hotel bar, and girl talking... who needs pants!

Until my dad called and said he was going to be in the area (on the same street actually) and had about an hour to kill... Did we want to get lunch?

Of course we did. So we rush back to the hotel, clean up, discover that I did indeed forget pants, that I can borrow a pair from Kylie, that we'll have to go shopping after lunch, and discover Kylie actually irons her t-shirts.  Naturally, we made her iron ours, too.

Things that we learned at lunch:

  • Ironed t-shirts are pretty nice to wear
  • Art Supply stores are neat
  • My dad loves The Container Store
  • It's easy to get a song stuck in Kylie's head
  • Sock Monkeys can save the day
  • Sara carries a pocketknife at all times... just like my dad
  • I throw the mash down on a banana... with my fist

The next question is... Will I ever Get Pants? Stay tuned to find out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rubdown in Howktown Conference of Awesome

It started out simple enough.  I was just going to stop by Ingvaldia to hang out with my sis... that is until she remembered that she also had asked the Czarina of Saarisburg to walk a 5k with her that very same morning... only she didn't remember until I told Kylie that I was going to Sara's and she asked if I was doing the 5k with them...

That's when things started to stir in my brain. "Wait a sec... there is no reason we couldn't make this all work..."  So I agreed to walk the 5k with my sisters... little did they know (or I know) what this last weekend would evolve into.

Two days before the weekend. I email Sara this:

Then I announce the The Rubdown in Howktown Conference of Awesome!
The goal of the conference is to do things together as sisters that we each like to do and share in the experience. Plus to make it extra awesome, we are not allowed to whine, complain, or otherwise talk about things that aren't awesome. Plus we have to use the word Awesome as much as possible!

Let me tell you... my weekend... was AWESOME! 

The fancy frenchy name hotel wasn't even the beginning of it. It was how I bribed them to go along with my awesome plans! I got up at 5am to drive to  Ingvaldia to pick up my sisters and then off Minneapolis to walk 3 miles at 9 Am. Do I need to mention that Pomplamoose, Michael Jackson, and bobbing my head back and forth to the music was the first awesome thing of the day?  I didn't think so (well, actually there is some debate about that, because my sisters thing the first awesome thing of the day was me forgetting to bring pants... but that's another part of the story)!

We arrived at the starting line just in time for the race.  Here are some awesome things that happened at the race:  
  • Perfect parking spot at the finish line
  • Awesome weather
  • We walked around Lake Calhoun
  • Sara made mini egg bakes in muffin cups
  • We all put our team name as The Rubdown in Howktown
  • In the name of awesome we all went our own pace
  • I decided to walk to a podcast of 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me'
  • My walk took the exact same time as the podcast
  • I beat my old time by almost 10 minutes
  • The weekend had only just begun!

As we are leaving the race area, we are surprised by another awesome thing:

We are about to have lunch with our Dad!

And Sara tries to teach us a trick about a perfect smile for the camera... 

Stay tuned as the Weekend of Awesome Continues!

Friday, May 14, 2010

i do not like to fish.
i do not like to camp.

i may have PTSD.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Out, Howktown, I've got some plans...

Heya folks, I've got to warn you, it's the least I can do. See that 'look' in my eyes? That means I've devious plans coming up and I'm excited to execute them. Bwahh haha haha aha hahaha! However, I can't reveal what they are, exactly, I can maybe only allude. 

Guess what garage sale season is here.
In fact, I've already assisted by Jo Jo Potato in her first garage sale in her own personal garage this season. We took advantage of the warm spring weather (and its a good thing we did because this month has been annoyingly cold) and put out a few things.  Since that time I've been to several more sales around Howktown including the city wide sales.  Where I found such gems as this:

 I wonder what I could do with something like that.  If only I knew someone who liked fishing and camping a lot. I bet they would love something like this. They could put it on their kitchen table and then I could get them matching plates and dinnerware to match.  I think I know just the person. 

I plan to take full advantage of the sales this year, if not for tormenting someone with pictures of fish items, then perhaps for finding the weird things people try to sell. It should make for an interesting summer!