Stop Touching Things

"Miss! you can't touch the artwork..."
"He means you, too, G-ma"

Monday, March 29, 2010

I knew it!

We here in Howktown have always maintained that chocolate, was a SUPERfood
There is no question that at the Howk House, SUPER is the only way to describe chocolate. As I mentioned before, there is no legal definition for that other use of the term Superfood, so it is well within my rights to declare chocolate SUPER.

But get this people, there is science and stuff that is going to back up my claim! Indeed! It has been published in a magazine (what we used to read before the internet, in fact before you said "I read it in on the internet, so it must be true." You said "I read it in a magazine....") that you can eat chocolate to loss weight! SUPER!

You can eat chocolate to reduce stress (Ah Doi!) SUPER!

Chocolate is a fruit (and not in that 'bacon is vegetable' way, it really is!) SUPER!

ON the grocery store my friends. Time for the chocolate diet. Howktown APPROVES!  SUPER!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not so routine road trips.

This last weekend I decided I needed to venture outside of Howktown. I decided that I would, in  fact, visit Ingvaldia. This should be an easy trip. I practically grew up in the town next to it, and my best friend lived in the same neighborhood when I was in high school.  Plus, I'd made the trip a hundred times before.

I had grand plans of going to Target! Such luxuries are not mine in Howktown, the closest I can get is Walllbelch (I can't even say it). I would take my time getting there, stopping at the Co-Op on the way and be there in plenty of time to make it to the birthday party we planned to attend that night.  Everything was going perfectly when the road I was meant to take was closed.

That's right! Remember the 10 feet of snow we had this winter? Guess what, it's melting. It has to go somewhere, and the river is damn near full, so that means your basement, corn field, or highway... which ever is closer (sometiems all three!).

I called up Sara and asked her if I needed to continue North and swing around and she agreed that I should... but then her husband piped in and offered closer alternative routes. There was arguing going on about topographical features that would result in optimal flood areas, but the hubby's route was assured, so I quickly turned around and tried it.  No luck.  I head back to where I came from and tried the next road, closed.  I sighed and headed northwest towards the next town 10 miles away.

I came across a road that I remembered from childhood being a route that could get me where I wanted and we were far enough from the river that it might actually get me there!  I took and drove... and drove... and became confused by the surroundings. There didn't used to be that there. Where did all these houses come from.  Next I saw the road I wanted to turn onto was now an overpass with no entrance ramp!  DRAT!

In a panic I called Sara and they assured me that I didn't have to turn around and just keep going. On faith I followed their instructions and was delivered to my destination ten minutes later.  WHEW! So much for knowing my surrounding. I can't believe 15 years would make that much of a difference!

Later Sara and I stopped for coffee and noticed a huge crowd at the bridge in town. So naturally, we joined them.

I wasn't the only out of the way road trip we made that weekend, and we made it to the birthday party just in time.

Saarisburg goes to Mass

This morning brought me to an unusual place. A place of pomp and circumstance, of kneeling and standing, of repetition and somber reflection. This morning I went to Mass.
Being of the protestant persuasion, Mass was something of a mystery to me, and I tried not to stand out too much. My son, who attends the catholic school and was the reason for the trip to Mass, tried his best to avoid the embarrassment of seeing his parents not know exactly when to say, "and unto you."
But I simply could not keep up with the reverent tone when I witnessed what will be forever a favorite memory.
During a portion of the ceremony, congregates are asked to turn to each other and say "Peace." While watching the first grade class shake hands with each other, which is in itself unusual, I saw a girl lock eyes with someone two rows behind her — too far to reach. She raised her right hand slightly, made the internationally known symbol of peace with two outstretched fingers and tapped them gansta style to her left shoulder before holding them out toward the person two rows back.
Now that is bringing the church into the 21st century if you ask me.

First Lady of Ingvaldia goes Camping

Hey Folks,
I know it is hard to think that any one of the sistaz would spend any time outside of Howktown, but the truth is, they are just visitors to this fair shire.

Sure, they grew up here, but the are out there making their own stories in their own towns. For example, did you know that in Ingvaldia, camping is a nationally sanctioned activity? In fact, it's a requirement if you want to visit Ingvaldia for extended periods of time.

The first lady of Ingvaldia, my sister Sara, wants to tell you all about her adventures at Camping with Sara. You might even see me there!


Let's quick run to lunch.

According to google maps, Victoria is 5.8 miles from Chaska.
Unless I, Sara, am driving.

After a spending a lovely morning chatting, drinking spinach shakes and snacking on amazing gluten free toast smothered in real HOPE butter, we decided to go to Super Target and grab a quick lunch.

I pointed my car straight ahead or as I like to say "north" and off we went.
First I took Chaska blvd. hmmmm. I take 212. at CR 51, i think, "oh!! HWY 5". At Waconia and 5, we turn right and head straight into Victoria. bahd-a-bing.

the old scenic route. Whereas my father made it a purposeful route, I have come to think I have no choice. "Something" pulls me toward the scenic route. the unknown. the ah-ha moments. the where the %*@ am I moments. or the "act like you know where you are moments".

Highlights from this trip:
  • rolling hill
  • prolonged conversation
  • assistance getting my hair from the side by sister
  • partaking in long lost items from the glove box and talking like hicks
  • burning sage. yes it's true.
  • man talk
  • detour to Bongards creamery

I am sure I took the best way there.

Time to lunch: 1 hour Time back: 10 minutes

Monday, March 22, 2010

From Howktown to JoJo's Kitchen.

 How is it that The Queen of Howktown can go on so many culinary adventures when she seems to be surrounded by soy beans and pork?  She ventures out, opens up her kitchen, and relies on the camaraderie of friends.

One of these friends has finally put her often hilarious thoughts to pape.. er, blog and is sharing it with the world.

She's exploring her world through her kitchen and eating delicious food. Visit her at Jo Jo's Kitchen to read about her adventures!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Brunch

Breakfast in Howktown

I love weekends when we have an out of town guest. It usually means breakfast beyond the cereal box. Luckily I have someone in the house who loves to make breakfast even more than I do, so they usually turn out pretty good. 

What you don't see here is Buckwheat Crepes with blackberries.  See that silver pot to the side, that was full of coffee. It is also the awesome christmas present I acquired for me my mother. It holds a whole pot and keeps it hot all day. Just like at the gas station! 

By the time we got done sitting here at the table after our breakfast, it was time for lunch. That's my kind of weekend. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where's George - It's Nerdy Fun!

Okay, I have a gripe. Don't you people look at your dollar bills? Wait let me back up.

Front desk at photolab after hours. A dollar bill with "See where I've been track where I go next" stamped in red. I had a few minutes on my lunch, so I hopped on the computer and did just that.

The website was simple. A quick form that you enter the series #, serial number, and your zip code. Up pops a map and list of all the places that this bill has been entered in before. Wow, this bill came from the southern burbs of Chicago.

This was really cool, if you entered in your email address you can find out where this bill goes next! SIGN ME UP! I later get emails telling me the dollar bill travelled west to other parts of chicagoland... and then nothing.

Over the past 6 years I have been handed other bills of varying denominations with variations of the stamp. Some are circles, some are in black. Some just say "Track me at Every one that I receive is entered onto the website.

I have noticed that I am usually the only the second or maybe third person to enter in the info, even though the bill has been stamped for a while (it gives you the date of the last entry). What I want to know is... how can this be! I can't be the only nerd around here that wants to know Where he's been and Where he's going?!?

For all the bills I've entered, the updates are nil.

This does not appease my nerd desires. I have to know. I am calling upon you to look at your bills. LOOK AT THEM, if you see these stamps... enter them in. We are at computers every day. There is no excuse. I don't care that you only use debit cards, you have access to cash... use it!

I'm thinking of making this an ordinance in Howktown.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night 3/3/10

Best Moments of my date night 3/3/10
activity: Water Aerobics with my husband

Barrett with noodle under arms to keep him up
Barrett lifting knees to chest and rotating knees to one side.
Barrett almost flipping over; face into water.
Barrett: "!! My knees are heavy. They are pulling me over"

Sara to Barrett. (quietly, cuz I was afraid he'd drown) "B-shut your mouth"
Barrett to Sara. "Can't. need all the oxygen I can get.

Barrett to Water Aerobic Instructor(WAI):
"Sara's way behind; she's still jogging"
WAI to Barrett: "Are you throwing Sara under the bus?
Barrett to WAI: "Yes. She's my wife"

Barrett to WAI/Sara:
"I thought running up and down the ski hill after 15 kids was work. This is kicking my ass."

Barrett to Sara: "I am doing this again"

Sara to Sara: " I am bringing a camera next time"