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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dark Chocolate! It's A SUPER Food.

Howktown approves of SUPER foods. Why? Because they are SUPER! SUPER is really fun to say accompanied by a quick fist jab across your front, a shoulder dip, and a cheesy grin.

I've decreed that I'm the only one that gets to declare which foods in the house are super (as opposed to supper). Otherwise Doug will declare Pork Hocks and Sauerkraut a SUPER food, and believe me, they don't qualify for SUPERosity (yes, I know the correct term is superiority).

Now, there is no legal definition of superfood, which means it is perfectly reasonable for me to decree what is a SUPERfood and what isn't! Isn't that AWESOME!

::BREAKING NEWS!:: Howktown declares Dark Chocolate a SUPERFOOD! Oh yes I did. Add it to the list with Guacamole, people!

::NEWS ALERT:: Agreement between the cities of Howktown and Saarisburg on the best Dark Chocolate easily accessible to the plebeian masses is in question. Talks and sampling may be in order. Blog poll to help quell argument.

That's right, folks! I'm prevailing upon you to help me win this dispute by voting the poll on the right side of the blog here (you facebook and feed readers are gonna have to hop over to the official site to participate).


P.S. If you vote other, please list in in the comments section of this post so I can go out and try me some new SUPER food!

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