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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

 I cannot wait to go on vacation.  I'm leaving in about three hours to make the 12 hour drive to Boulder, CO. My best friend Jo Jo Potato is coming along with me. I think I am just as excited about this trip as I was to leave for Mexico... but maybe that's because I haven't left the state since then.

Now the Queen of  Howktown has much love for traveling. Mostly it's the eating out at different restaurants, and seeing the different landscapes and such... oh and visiting the peeps.

So it has been a year and a half since I've been on a big vacation, big deal you say. I used to make a road trip somewhere out of state at least every 4-6 months!

This trip has the auspicious title of  Family Wedding, and that will be good I'm sure. However, JoJoPotato's little twerp of a brother, who amazingly got older just like Jo and I did (how'd that happen?) and he isn't so much of a twerp anymore lives out there, too.  I think this trip was destined to happen for me and Jo.

I'm counting down the minutes until we are on the road. Yee Haw.

HOWKTOWN APPROVES:  Road trips with your best friend since the 5th grade.

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