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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hershey's? For Realz?

We had the dark chocolate rematch, and much to my surprise, in my blindfolded and palette cleansed state, I chose Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bliss over Dove Dark Chocolate.
I am just as surprised as you are.
I abhor Hershey kisses and their waxy, fake chocolate taste, but the Bliss is creamy and sweet. I found the smell of the Dove most off-putting. And as Howktown chose Dove once again as her favorite of the commercial brands, we sat there starring at each other, wondering if we could still be twins with this difference in chocolate preference.
The issue was resolved when we realized that our chocolate tester had thrown in a third chocolate for us to try and we all agreed, for our dear mother tested them with us, that this third option was best. The tangy note on top of the deep chocolately background screamed Lindt 80% dark to all of us.
This realization brought a rush of relief as we realized we could remain the family we have always been, even if our opinions of lower chocolate differ.
And the upside, is that dividing up the leftovers was simple.
Check back for photos of the event.

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