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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That sure is a hoary tree you got there...

... Watch your mouth! Shhheeesh!

Hoarfrost in My Front Yard

So, I was sitting at work minding my own business, when my co-worker started talking about the hoarfrost on his car and how someone he was talking to thought the term was vulgar.  He went on and on about it and I sort of tuned it out and started thinking about the word.

Now, I know the other person was thinking about a different word... with a questionable reputation.

Here in Howktown, we may live off street smarts, but we also like words. All those years of being told to look it up in our Funk & Wagnell's must of rubbed off in some weird way.

Then the first thing I saw this morning was a world of hoarfrost outside my front window. It was serene and beautiful. So I took some pics for you guys and then set to work looking up the word.

A Hoary mailbox and trellis in the backyard

Of course I'm going to share what I've learned with you! Hoarfrost is a description of a type of frost that tends to be feathery or hairy in appearance.  Hoar (or hoary) is from the Middle English meaning grey or grey with age, like a whiskery grey beard on an old man.

Don't you feel smart?  Try combining that with your street smarts and greet the ladies of the night as hoary ladies... wait maybe that wouldn't be so smart.

I think that might be my next band. The Hoary Ladies, first album: Whiskers.

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