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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sex ed comes to Saariburg

I knew the day would come.
I had heard it always catches you off guard.
But at a peaceful family dinner as William mused about the Virgin Mary, it suddenly occurred to him he didn't know what a virgin was.
And it happened.
The blush inducing, stammering, ummm..., ahhh..., well...,
And I did it. I just sucked it up, and I told him what a virgin was. He was non-plussed. Immediately returning to his non-stop rambling on a different topic, Kevin and I realized we had done the right thing.
Bolstered by our success, when William found a "where do babies come from" book at the library, he let him check it out.
What followed was a weekend long sex ed course. The book, written for kids without leaving anything out, is illustrated with smiling eggs, eager sperm, and several drawings of body parts, with and without child.
The children are fascinated. William is reading this book to himself, having us read it to him, and spending several minutes (a long time for him) looking over the pictures.
Amy is interested, but is clearly not grasping the concept. She just enjoys speculating how long it takes for the pee to get all the way from the stomach to the bladder, depending on if you are a baby or a teenager or an old lady.
Let's just say, fallopian tube is a common word in Saariburg.

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