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Monday, February 8, 2010

Massage! Wha Whoo!

Here's the haps, people.  I have confirmed that I am a genius.  I decided that I was going to get a massage a week for the month February.  Best decision I ever made and I'm only 3 massages in, and I have 3 to go.

Wha? How's that math work? There are only 4 weeks in Feb and that's six massages. Well, that's what they call New Math in the Street Smarts department. Or maybe, when it comes to massages, that's how math works in Howktown....

In reality, I made this decision in January and couldn't wait for February to start. AND  I reasoned Feb technically moves into a 5 week month, because the 28th is on a Sunday... so that counts, right.

Where does the number six come in? Well my darlings, the universe provided my deepest wish to get massaged as much as possible this month and I received a trade offer from a therapist that I hadn't planned on! BONUS!

Not to get all 80's on you... but I'm totally stoked.

If you want to read all about it in detail, visit my business website blog at


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