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Monday, February 22, 2010

Howktown Patriot

You may have figured out that here in Howktown, we aren't too concerned with sports. Wait, maybe you didn't figure that out, because you don't live here, but you may have noticed a complete lack of mention of them.

You might not be too surprised to learn that I also support public radio. Crazy, I know. It's not because I'm a communist, either. It's because I'm an American!

Which is also why I love the Olympics!

I knew you were wondering how I could tie public radio with sports.

Here in the Mental State of Hilarity, we beam in public radio from Minnesota Public Radio, and I have to say, it is some quality programing. I particularly like the weekend shows that combine news and comedy. It sure beats reading the newspaper (oh wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that... my sister is a reporter). Plus, it's funded by the people to listen to it! More on that later.

Also, I don't really watch much of the Olympics, but it's a whole lot more than I do of any other sport, and I am actually interested in the results. I want AMERICA to win. I want all of our hard work, high taxes, and blustery politicians to worth the effort and I want the proof to be shown in our sportsmanship, athletic ability, and smiling faces.

Plus, I've always wanted to raise an Olympian... I better get on that.

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