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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nun Yums, Yum nuns, or Onions

Originally uploaded by Higgety

I lovva me onions.

Also, I took this picture at the Mpls farmer's market and just looking at it is making me crave veggies and summer.

Howktown plans on using more photos on this blog. Actually, we plan on re-instating photography as the national hobby... seeing as it used be our occupation, but kind of was set aside and ignored while we pursued other business. It's a shame really, cause taking photos is fun. Plus everyone seems to be doing it these days, so I better get back at it so I can say things like. "I was annoying wait staff with my photography while you were still watching Melrose Place... er the Original one!"

Or something.

Anyway. Hope you like my onions. I sure do.

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