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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Out, Howktown, I've got some plans...

Heya folks, I've got to warn you, it's the least I can do. See that 'look' in my eyes? That means I've devious plans coming up and I'm excited to execute them. Bwahh haha haha aha hahaha! However, I can't reveal what they are, exactly, I can maybe only allude. 

Guess what garage sale season is here.
In fact, I've already assisted by Jo Jo Potato in her first garage sale in her own personal garage this season. We took advantage of the warm spring weather (and its a good thing we did because this month has been annoyingly cold) and put out a few things.  Since that time I've been to several more sales around Howktown including the city wide sales.  Where I found such gems as this:

 I wonder what I could do with something like that.  If only I knew someone who liked fishing and camping a lot. I bet they would love something like this. They could put it on their kitchen table and then I could get them matching plates and dinnerware to match.  I think I know just the person. 

I plan to take full advantage of the sales this year, if not for tormenting someone with pictures of fish items, then perhaps for finding the weird things people try to sell. It should make for an interesting summer!

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