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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Joint Venture on Breakfast brings Agreement in State Approvals

Saarisburg and Howktown approve of breakfast and coffee coffee coffee COFFEE!

Dateline: 1st street 8:30am

The Ladies Who Lunch in the respective communities of Howktown and Saarisburg decide that breakfast would be more suited to their tastes. 

The Queen of Howktown, missing the proflic dinning establishments called "diners", convinces Czarina Kylie to check out a family tradition known as Edie's.  "Plus there'll be coffee"

The first approached looked promising, as all the seats near the window were filled with Octogenarians playing dice and drinking coffee.  "This is the real thing." says the Queen. " I just hope they let us young whippersnappers in with out too much trouble"

"Indeed" agreed the Czarina.

Easily seating theirselves in the aisle tables they take a gander at the mixed generational decor. Is that art deco counter bar original? The countertops were definitely redone in the fifties with the boomerang design in green, black, and pink. Needless to say, the coffee was fresh.

Eggs, OE, Bac, and WT was ordered and coffee was abundantly provided and consumed.  The conversation was picking up pace by the end of the meal, and the duo decided that if Yoga was to be adequately performed by at lunch time, a departure may be necessary.  Luckily further work to be that day would be achieved quickly after this mornings caffeine consumption. 

Czarina Kylie works as she walks after Edie's

The Queen of Howktown then departs to mow the lawn, dig up oregano, plant strawberries,transplant flowers, and then ride her bike to Yoga. 

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