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"He means you, too, G-ma"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yay! 90° What?

I'm feeling kind a lazy... still. I have not been to YogAWESOME since the first time.

I still have silver shoes. They are like Superhero Shoes.

I have been waking up too early, but not getting out of bed.

Now, it's 90° in May and I've pretty much consumed all the iced tea available at the house. Time to make more! Yum Yum. Howktown is a major consumer of iced tea. Some neighborhoods in Howktown prefer only unsweetened, but I myself can be persuadedto a little honey (mmmm honey honey don't you know it!)

I haven't done anything good in a couple days.

However I did have an application for the Ambassador of Mustache. Mr. Trey Hatesyourapps
His qualifications include the following:

Is a member of several fake bands (Including Wesley Crusher's Secret Lovers and his own creation Mustache Emergency). Drives a Miata in the Mountains. Used to have long hair, but thankfully cut it all off now that he's in his thirties, and thinks mustaches are awesome. Yet oddly, he doesn't sport one. I feel that takes a certain aplomb, to support what you cannot yourself have.

Yet, he also mocks me in the winter with is South Carolina weather. It could be a shoe in, but I'm not going to say either way at this moment. The suspense will be good for you.

If you have any other nominees or reasons to consider good 'ol Trey for the job, feel free to leave a comment.

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