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Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night 3/3/10

Best Moments of my date night 3/3/10
activity: Water Aerobics with my husband

Barrett with noodle under arms to keep him up
Barrett lifting knees to chest and rotating knees to one side.
Barrett almost flipping over; face into water.
Barrett: "!! My knees are heavy. They are pulling me over"

Sara to Barrett. (quietly, cuz I was afraid he'd drown) "B-shut your mouth"
Barrett to Sara. "Can't. need all the oxygen I can get.

Barrett to Water Aerobic Instructor(WAI):
"Sara's way behind; she's still jogging"
WAI to Barrett: "Are you throwing Sara under the bus?
Barrett to WAI: "Yes. She's my wife"

Barrett to WAI/Sara:
"I thought running up and down the ski hill after 15 kids was work. This is kicking my ass."

Barrett to Sara: "I am doing this again"

Sara to Sara: " I am bringing a camera next time"

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