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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a Twit

I decided that I should take advantage of my down time to explore this little thing called the internet. I hear there is good stuff on it. There are things like the Blog-o-sphere, the Interwebs, "social networking", online auctions, and shoe shopping which seems to be all the rage.

It's true. I knew about all these things a long time ago. In fact (looks both ways and then whispers) I used to help design websites when I worked in the junk mail racket!! GASP! shhh shhh! Then, as now, I didn't really care about all those things on the internet.

Mostly because I like to talk to people and read actual books. Then it occurred to me as I was getting my hair colored to cover way too many grey hairs, that I'd better be careful, otherwise I wouldn't know how to program my VCR in the years to come.

I've accepted the fact that I'm too "sophisticated" (that's code for too old) to wear mini skirts and platform boots and value my knees and back enough not to try and wear 4-5 inch heels anymore... but I don't want to be totally oblivious to what the kids are talking about these days.

So I participate in Facebook, and blogging, and watch the video links that my friends send me. I kept hearing about this tweet, twitter, twit silliness and broke down and signed up. Why? Cause the only part of face book that keeps me entertained is the status update. There is some sort of draw to trying to be clever in 160 characters or less.

Now I just have become more advanced in my text messaging skills... which at least aren't beginner anymore.

This explains it all.

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