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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh! My back!

You'd think working in a Chiropractors office, I wouldn't have screaming back pain all the time. Well, truth is... I don't have it all the time, and I do get adjusted regularly... but I am a bad patient.

I have a horrible mattress. It was awesome when I bought it... 10 years ago. And it has been through 4 moves and various pets, and frankly it is getting pretty ugly. I want a new mattress.

I am such cheap-skate though. I don't want to pay for the good mattresses. They are expensive! I also don't want to waste money on something that is not going to last me a while. Really I have just got to stop cruising ebay and amazon for iPods and digital cameras and buy a damn bed.

It's hard not roll your eyes sometimes when we have patients come in holding their top of the line pda/phone/dvd player/microwave that they pay $1000 a month to have and then can't pay their doctor's bill. It's all about priorities.

God, I'm getting old. Wait. no, that's not true. Look at this pic. This proves I'm not old. See, look. A kissy-face amongst balloons. Phew, scared me for a second there. News From Howktown: Parents will be married 40 years this Sunday. Will be enjoying a fabulous dinner prepared by the executive chef of "howk house" and executive chef from "Chez Saari".

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