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Monday, June 8, 2009

Tastiest Thing My Tongue Has Licked

After we finally were seated at Buster's and were able to peruse the menu... a wonderful thing happened.

It was something akin to the phenomenon that occurs when four people signing in perfect harmony create a fifth voice... or when you achieve the perfect ratio of the four flavors to produce what is called 'unami'...

I had been eying the chorizo mussels, but having never eaten a shelled creature such as oyster, clams, or mussels... I was afraid. I looked down the list for an alternate, when Andrew pipes in with "You guys like mussels?" I quickly look to him with a gleam in my eye, and Jo pipes in "I've never had them."
"I was thinking of getting them" he said.
"Would you eat the whole dish?" I eagerly ask. I had a devious plan in my head to eat some of Andrew's mussles.
"Oh No, definitely not." Perfect, I thought.

It turns out that Jo was thinking the same thing and we decided that we would all order a delightfully sumptuous and slightly outside of our ordering comfort zone appetizer and we would all share. It was dining perfection. We had cod ceviche and chorizo mussles (and I believe we were required to get the fresh cut french fries on principle later on when Chris arrived). It was a delight, to be sure... however I felt that I needed more. One more flavor to satify my own personal dining unami. It was right there on the menu: a scoop of Izzie's Ice Cream. The best ice cream in the city. The very ice cream that won a Throw Down with Bobby Flay.

The menu described the portion as a scoop, so I decided to order one scoop of mocha ice cream and a second of salted carmel. Andrew went for strawberry and Jo just didn't think she wanted any (fool!). The portion size was actually two scoops of each flavor, I didn't think I would be able to eat of it, so i offered Jo a taste of the carmel, while I took a bite of the mocha. Andrew happily was eating his strawberry when Jo blurts out "Oh my god, this is good!"

I take a bit of the caramel and the spoon stops dead in its tracks. My tongue has to lick every last taste of this ice cream off. I look over to Andrew and my eyes say it all "You HAVE to try this ice cream". Andrew dips in, and groans. "Oh God, I don't want to even eat this pathetic strawberry ice cream, which 2 seconds ago I thought was awesome" replies Andrew to my all knowing inquiry on what he thought of the ice cream. This was too much goodness to keep to myself, so the large portions of all the flavors were divied up between the three of us and we all bathed our tongues in sweet creamy goodness with abandon. The other flavors were good, but the salted carmel, was heaven. We stopped ourselves from picking up the bowels and licking them clean... but just barely.

It was the perfect ending to our dinner and the surprisingly awesome night that I thought for sure was going to be uncomfortable and long.

Howktown Approves:
Izzie's Ice Cream
Fresh Cut French Fries
Stella Artois

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