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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Totally Twins are Here to ROCK YOU!

You know that when it comes to the type of bands that play in Howktown... well they are fake bands. The greatest thing about Fake Bands, is that I get to make them up. Their back story. Their albums, song titles. The gamut.

My favorite Fake Band is The Holy Hells and Damn' Yous. Here's a little bio that I wrote for my band persona that I converted to a wrestler for face book:

Fleur de LISA's rise to fame began, not as a world renown wrestler with a penchant for smack talk, but as a leader of super fake bands. The Holy Hells and Damn Yous were rocketing into stardom when her bass player mysteriously disappeared after a night of Intense Rock Action. She started another band, Wesley Crusher's Secret Lovers, when her Bass player started to turn Emo on her. It was then that she encountered Marlon Emocruncher and he disposed forthwith with the bass player. Finding that bass players were easy to replace and didn't need to have much talent in the first place (cause hey, The Doors didn't have any Bass) she formed the Fluer de LISAS and joined Marlon and Super Snarky Commentator on their mission to out wit and out fight the masses, replacing her bass players as needed from the plethora of options out there. As a side project, she's starting a new band with those who couldn't take the humiliating defeat, either by wit or fist. They will be called The Sore Losers and there first album, Turn Passed.

ahhh... I laugh when I read that. I had more fun making up my wrestler profile than actually playing the game. Which is why if you search my out on facebook, you won't see much Fleur de LISA action in the ring.

However, though the Fleur de LISA is a band name, my rockin' alter ego has evolved to be called Fleur de LISA (or just Fleur for short). My fake co band manager/producer/leader Trey has a number of great bands, as well.. Though I haven't heard from him in a long time, he must be on a fake bender or in fake rehab. Maybe his fake comeback album will be really fakey.

Anyway, this weekend I was introduced to the ultimate in FAKE BANDNESS that irks real musicians (oh, you guys, you know I love you too) to no end. Oh it tickles me how much real musicians hate the games Rock Band and Guitar Hero. ::giggles::

I tried out every instrument... and I have to say. My favorite was actually singing. Cause I can totally make a fake persona like that! My singing range is limited... but I love to sing and make a jackass (a real one) out of myself in my basement. Kylie and I have a new band, we're The Totally Twins (cause people think we are twins even though we totally are not!)

I am also extremely jealous of how much better Kylie is at playing the Fake Guitar.

Later in Howktown:
Pictures from the Gig!
My Mom Rockin' the Base!
Onion Tarts and
A Dark Chocolate Comparison!

Stay tuned!

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