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"He means you, too, G-ma"

Monday, August 31, 2009

She does not lie

In reference to the blog post below, I must say, Howktown does not lie.
I recommend anyone who has a significant other with a sweet tooth try those doughnuts, as my hubby, not a typically lovey-dovey man, went nearly gaga for an entire day after I surprised him with hot fresh doughnuts one Saturday morning.
In full disclosure, I surprise him with a different breakfast every Saturday morning, so I was unprepared for the appreciation I received this particular day.
I think they key could be in making them while he sleeps, for he truly has no idea how simple and quick these little beauties are, and he seems to have the impression I gave up a good portion of my morning in service to his breakfast. And why would I spoil this illusion?
Seriously people. Try it.

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