Stop Touching Things

"Miss! you can't touch the artwork..."
"He means you, too, G-ma"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a new found love or getting dirty

I have known for a while that I needed something new to do. Something for me only, that didn't involve another person participating. I knew this because I felt incomplete. kindy edgy. not completely happy about all the good things in my life. and because when asked what was going on and what was new in my life I was responding with statements about things long past or what other people were doing currently. Or simply staring blankly at the person asking until the level of uncomfortableness caused them to turn and walk away.

I needed to create something. I like making things. I have to say, I am pretty good at making things. Nothing in particular but definately "things". Supper got the majority of my creativeness but now I am bored with that.

Pottery is the lucky medium. It took a while but I am finely there. Tuesday and Thursday's from 6-8 pm. absorbed. with clay. with watching others work. with creating. with zoning out. with ideas. oh, the plethora of ideas of what is next.

For those 4 hours a week I am one with myself. I am not thinking about what I need to do at home. I am not thinking about all things I need to do better or what I need to do to save the world or at least my friends and family. I am calm. I am energized. My mind is crystal clear and energized. What shall I make next. Oh, my it's almost time to go. What is he making..oh....i can do that!! It involves running water, it's hands on, I can get lost in watching the clay centering in my hand. I am in love.

Guess what you are getting for Christmas!

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