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"He means you, too, G-ma"

Monday, November 2, 2009

I do have to go to the bathroom

Nothing irritates me more than going home and having the family make some remark about how I used to go to the bathroom to get out of doing dishes.

I denied this and planned on denying this to the end of time.

I routinely mutter to myself on trips to the bathroom. It's my bodies natural response to taking time to sit still for a while and in processing the food which I am eating. It's not like I never did dishes. It's not like the dishes were more often than not waiting for me. 'Dang! Leave me alone', I thought. It's not like I wasn't doing anything in the bathroom. I WAS doing the appropriately approved activities that one does sitting on the toilet.

But still...the mockery goes on. At least once a year. And my silent continual mutterings while I go to the bathroom in between eating and doing the dishes about how, see.. i do have to go. I am not trying to get out of something. avoiding work. avoiding my fair share. it's JUST. NOT. TRUE.

Friday, at work, I was again feeling the weight of being the ONLY one working, the ONLY one taking on their fair share, when another requested task was posted...Fine, I will do it..AFTER I GO TO THE BATHROOM. if no one has taken it by the time I get back.

I stand corrected. I don't go to the bathroom to get out of work...I go to the bathroom to..prepare and compose myself for the upcoming work..yeah, that's it.

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  1. Ha, ha, hahahahahahahaha. I love this post!