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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's for The Babies! *SQUEEE* with Pictures!

So, when I got the literature in the mail about the event that I 'volunteered' for with the March of Dimes, one of the instructions was to "BRING YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR".


Well, I do have a sense of humor, but I wasn't sure what this was supposed to mean.
Kylie and I pondered over it a day or two before the event. "What are they going to make us do?"  No one was really clear about what was going to happen, aside from needing to bring phone numbers, a sense of humor, and that lunch was provided.

"Oh, well", I said, "it's too late now."

Then when we walked into the site, it all became clear to us... and we let our humors out of the bag.  There before us was a table with striped shirts and signs to hold.

And a camera. Have you noticed that I'm not shy around cameras? The photographer couldn't help but laugh when I struck my notorious pose. I think this picture will help lots of babies! *squeee!

My partner in crime, Kylie also mugged for a shot; then we went to get our lunch. While we were chowing down, we figured out that we were volunteering our cell phones and address books for the cause. They wanted us to call anyone we knew to ask to donate to the March of Dimes.

Only problem, Kylie forgot her phone (VERY CONVENIENT if you ask me).  So we decided that we would save time and just send a mass text message with a photo of us in jail.  Then of course we would call the numbers we had memorized, and tell them all about the babies *Squeee!

Oh, and you can bet that we had it on que, when ever one of us said "babies" the other *squeeed on command. We had it down. The organizers were cracking up at our antics. Some people weren't quite sure what were doing, so we explained that we weren't imitating babies (*squee!) we were voicing the reaction of people when they see really cute babies. Their voice gets really high, they get all excited, and they, well, Squeee.

It worked wonders and we  squeed some donations, made people laugh, and had fun for the afternoon. Not to mentions got some awesome pictures for the ol' blog.

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