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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not so routine road trips.

This last weekend I decided I needed to venture outside of Howktown. I decided that I would, in  fact, visit Ingvaldia. This should be an easy trip. I practically grew up in the town next to it, and my best friend lived in the same neighborhood when I was in high school.  Plus, I'd made the trip a hundred times before.

I had grand plans of going to Target! Such luxuries are not mine in Howktown, the closest I can get is Walllbelch (I can't even say it). I would take my time getting there, stopping at the Co-Op on the way and be there in plenty of time to make it to the birthday party we planned to attend that night.  Everything was going perfectly when the road I was meant to take was closed.

That's right! Remember the 10 feet of snow we had this winter? Guess what, it's melting. It has to go somewhere, and the river is damn near full, so that means your basement, corn field, or highway... which ever is closer (sometiems all three!).

I called up Sara and asked her if I needed to continue North and swing around and she agreed that I should... but then her husband piped in and offered closer alternative routes. There was arguing going on about topographical features that would result in optimal flood areas, but the hubby's route was assured, so I quickly turned around and tried it.  No luck.  I head back to where I came from and tried the next road, closed.  I sighed and headed northwest towards the next town 10 miles away.

I came across a road that I remembered from childhood being a route that could get me where I wanted and we were far enough from the river that it might actually get me there!  I took and drove... and drove... and became confused by the surroundings. There didn't used to be that there. Where did all these houses come from.  Next I saw the road I wanted to turn onto was now an overpass with no entrance ramp!  DRAT!

In a panic I called Sara and they assured me that I didn't have to turn around and just keep going. On faith I followed their instructions and was delivered to my destination ten minutes later.  WHEW! So much for knowing my surrounding. I can't believe 15 years would make that much of a difference!

Later Sara and I stopped for coffee and noticed a huge crowd at the bridge in town. So naturally, we joined them.

I wasn't the only out of the way road trip we made that weekend, and we made it to the birthday party just in time.

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