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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where's George - It's Nerdy Fun!

Okay, I have a gripe. Don't you people look at your dollar bills? Wait let me back up.

Front desk at photolab after hours. A dollar bill with "See where I've been track where I go next" stamped in red. I had a few minutes on my lunch, so I hopped on the computer and did just that.

The website was simple. A quick form that you enter the series #, serial number, and your zip code. Up pops a map and list of all the places that this bill has been entered in before. Wow, this bill came from the southern burbs of Chicago.

This was really cool, if you entered in your email address you can find out where this bill goes next! SIGN ME UP! I later get emails telling me the dollar bill travelled west to other parts of chicagoland... and then nothing.

Over the past 6 years I have been handed other bills of varying denominations with variations of the stamp. Some are circles, some are in black. Some just say "Track me at Every one that I receive is entered onto the website.

I have noticed that I am usually the only the second or maybe third person to enter in the info, even though the bill has been stamped for a while (it gives you the date of the last entry). What I want to know is... how can this be! I can't be the only nerd around here that wants to know Where he's been and Where he's going?!?

For all the bills I've entered, the updates are nil.

This does not appease my nerd desires. I have to know. I am calling upon you to look at your bills. LOOK AT THEM, if you see these stamps... enter them in. We are at computers every day. There is no excuse. I don't care that you only use debit cards, you have access to cash... use it!

I'm thinking of making this an ordinance in Howktown.


  1. Hello Erin,
    I run the website, so thanks for your blog post. Getting hits directly depends on how many bills you've entered. The average hit rate is about 10%, so if you enter 10 bills, you should get at least one hit in a month or two. If you enter 100 bills, you should get at least 10 hits. So, the only answer if you want some hits is to enter more bills!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Hank! I love your site and want my friends to be part of all the fun! I also have always wanted to track a Monarch Butterfly or a Grizzly Bear, but I figure this is probably a bit more accessible and less dangerous! Plus, there is more mystery to where that bill will go. Keep up the good work! -Erin