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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cribbage - or as I like to say "CriBATCH!"

Cribbage Board
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So last week Doug says "I'm bored of kicking your ass at King's Corner".
"Grsnnurrfff!" I reply as I try not to let the diet Coke snort through my nose. "I'm thinking kicking my ass at King's Corner is a little bit of an exaggeration considering I just handed your ass to you 5 times."

"Talk about exaggeration." he roles his eyes "but you know what I'm sayin'. it's getting a little dull"

"What about 'Gin Rummy'"
"I never win"
"Oh, I see the problem now" I nod, "You want a game that you can consistently kick my ass at, and that I won't kick back"

"Well, now that you mention it... oh, and did I tell you, my mom just taught me how to play cribbage, wanna play?"

"I've never played it before"


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