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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saariburg approves: stay up all night on a weeknight

Long story short, doctor tells me I have to stay up all night in preparation for a test in the morning. So I put in on my to-do list. 
Word gets around and pretty soon, the image of me sitting all alone in my dark house while the family sleeps is replaced by what really happened. And let me tell you - it was awesome.
First, I float the idea of spending the night at Erin's house - she didn't need to be up with me, but they have cable, and I figured TV seriously help the doldrums I was expecting.
Then Megan tells me she regularly stays up ridiculously late and would keep me company with the Twilight commentary video. Awesome. My night is getting better. She ends this by saying she likes to play cribbage and just like that a cribbage tournament is scheduled for 10 p.m. 
The all-nighter day arrives and Erin pulls out another surprise - she has artichokes and wants me to help her eat them. For this, I am always ready. 
I get to her house, and we steam artichokes while we wait for Megan. 
She arrives, carrying yoga mats and a yoga video - midnight yoga - double awesome.
So we start the tournament - and did I tell you I have never played cribbage before? No? Well it is true, but that didn't stop me from kicking their butts. I was even this close from skunking Megan. 
During the game, a co-worker of mine, another night owl who heard about my plight shows up. We invite her in. 
I start yawning and the group decides I need a walk in the cool night air, so while Erin went to bed, the rest of us went for a walk.
Upon return we had snacks and a desire to watch - I mean do — yoga. Christine isn't in to yoga, so she goes home and Megan and I try to twist into unnatural poses and end up laughing ourselves silly. By now it is 2:30 a.m. and I am officially awake later than I have been since the kiddos were babies and I am getting a little delirious. 
Good Eats is on when the video turns off and the girls (Christine had returned by now) indulge me by watching it.
After that it is time for them to go home - we haven't watched Twillight yet, but since they had to work I couldn't keep them longer.
After I am alone, I turn on the movie. There is something seriously addictive about this storyline. I know some of you are scoffers, and I was too. The books really are poorly written, but I am hooked nonetheless. It is like a drug. My own personal brand of heroin (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) 
Before the movie ended, my early bird mother came down to keep me company. By now it is 4:30, and I know I will make it until my appointment at 8:30 a.m.
The takeaway from this is: 
1.) Staying up all night on a weeknight is awesome, especially when surrounded by friends.
2.) Getting re-obsessed with Edward Cullen is not helpful for getting things done at work. For some reason, my readers do not think daydreaming about hot vampires is a good excuse for failing to bring them the news.

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  1. I had totally blocked it from my mind that you kicked our patooties...