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Monday, April 20, 2009

Saariburg approves: Melatonin

Those wizards of science have done something creepy and I thank them. They concentrated a naturally made hormone, stuck it in pill form, and told me I could take it orally to help me sleep. I have been resisting this sweet-promised pill for years, eyeing it suspiciously on my cupboard shelf and watching skeptically while my hubby downs one each night.
Until Saturday night. The tossing and turning of Friday, coupled with his noisy breathing lead to a breakdown the next evening, and I tried it. 
The verdict? Saariburg approves melatonin.
Within minutes I was wrapped in drowsy bliss, occasional nighttime wakings were brief and easily overcome, and - dare I admit it in this one-upping world? - I felt rested upon waking.
Eagerly I waited until Sunday night to try again to see if this magic could be replicated, and it was! I can't wait for tonight. Sleeping well is like a new toy, I can't wait to go home and try again.
Happy sleeping!
*Saariburg recommends checking with your doctor before adding supplements.  

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  1. Howktown is a big fan of sleep. The main political lobby in Howktown is the Nation Napping League of America