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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Things Boyfriends are Good For.

When I graduated from Massage School five years ago, my dear friend gave me an iPod so I could have lots of mixes of massage music to play in my studio. It was a brilliant idea, especially since she included speakers with it. It would have been fabulous if I had a massage studio that first year being out of school, but I didn't. I worked for other people under their rules, so massage music didn't make too much of a dent on the thing.

15 GB ( a size I thought I could never fill) and countless road trips and trips to the gym later, the thing's battery won't hold a charge and I can't add any more music to it, not to mention the earphones are held together with yellow electrical tape. I try to be reasonable, because it technically works. I could get a new battery for it... but I still wouldn't be able to add more music without taking some off. I could just use it plugged in by my bedside (which I did do for several months) but the screen is so small and monochromatic! It must be a tough life I lead if my major worry is the purchase of a luxury item!

Needless to say, I do have other priorities and I have only coveted my friends Apply Devices with full color screens and oodles of storage space. Until I noticed that my boyfriend isn't using his iPod because it 'doesn't seem to work right'. "If i can get it to work can I 'borrow' it?" I ask. "Of course, but I want it back".

** heheheh*** giggle giggle. {whisping} He seems to forget that I am a recovering MacAddict and did a stint working with some Mac Tech Support that taught me a few things}



Ahhh, I am now the proud borrower of a newish iPod. I made sure to put a picture of us on there just to show how dedicated I am to the relationship... between me and the iPod.

HOWKTOWN Advocates borrowing with actual permission from the Owner. HOWKTOWN is not down with "air quote" borrowing. If ya get what I'm sayin'.

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