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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YOG-awesome or how I influence the community around me.

Driving down the road one day I notice a sign in a storefront that says Yoga Studio. Now, I live in a small town of about 10K people, so when you notice a new storefront you can immediately whip around the corner and take another look, or do like I did and say to your sister "Hey, a new Yoga Studio, you should look into that and write a story for the paper".  See, that way she'll get all the details and then tell them to you later. I don't even have to read the paper (that's how good my life is).

I'd like to say that she said "Oh Erin, that's such an awesome idea, I'm going to do it right away!" I would really like to say that, because I know deep down that's what she's thinking, but in reality she said, "I'm too busy."

With what! Writing the NEWS! I'm about to say something like this when she says "I'll call Megan."  Which was totally awesome (though she said she was too busy, too! Derg!).  It was the thought that counts, right?

Not too long after that Megan and Kylie start doing Yoga on a regular basis and when I question Kylie about it she says they have been going to the new Yoga studio... didn't I read the story in the paper? OH. heh heh.  This is the part where I quickly go online and read the story that Megan wrote and say "Um Yeah, Totally".

I decide that the next time they go, I'm going to go with them. It happened to be on my lunch hour that very same day! So I scrounge up some money (a.k.a. borrow a couple bucks from Kylie) and plan on heading over there on my lunch. Of course this is the day that I would have to do therapy on a patient into my normal lunch hour, so I end up being 10 minutes late. Kylie and Megan had set up a yoga mat for me and I jump right in like it hadn't been 10 years since my last yoga class. Afterwards I felt awesome. The next day I felt pretty good, too. The day after that, I didn't know my butt could hurt so much! I had planned on going again soon, but my work schedule picked up and I haven't had a chance to go back, but I tell ya, it's looking promising! I might get back there next month sometime (Hey! May starts on Friday! I'm still good!)

Now I have to get back to making my list of stories my sister should write to find out info for me!

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